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QuadrantScribes Quadrant
Appears inIron Flame

Physical Appearance

Aoife has soft red hair and a creamy white face almost overcome with freckles. She is a short woman with short brown lashes.

About Aoife

Aoife, a scribe from the Scribes Quadrant, is characterized by her soft red hair and a creamy white face that is heavily freckled. She is described as a short woman with notably short brown lashes. In a conversation, it is mentioned that she is the first in her year training for the field, rather than aiming to become an adept. This suggests a level of ambition and dedication to her role as a scribe.


I think we’re in the Hadden Woods,” Aoife says, holding her journal
closely. She already has three pages of notes taken. “It’s the only forest
close enough to bring us all by horse, since I doubt your dragons flew us


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