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QuadrantHealers Quadrant
Appears inIron Flame

According to Aoife, Dyre and Calvin are the best in their year.

Physical Appearance

Dyre has olive skin.

About Dyre

Dyre is a Cadet in the Healers Quadrant, renowned as one of the best in his year alongside Calvin. He possesses an olive complexion and is depicted as having a sense of duty and reverence, as shown when he expresses his gratitude to Cadet Sorrengail by bringing dinner, indicating a strong sense of responsibility and gratitude​​.

Dyre’s role as a healer is evident in various situations, such as when he is seen carrying a medical pack during a dangerous encounter, highlighting his readiness to provide medical assistance even in potentially deadly circumstances​​.

His role as a healer is crucial and often requires him to be ready for immediate medical intervention. For instance, when Aaric suffers from rebound burns, Violet suggests that Rhiannon fetches Dyre instead of a mender to provide treatment due to the need for subtlety and to avoid drawing undue attention​​.


“Change to the plan.” I glance at Xaden, but he merely lifts an
eyebrow. “Ridoc, take Aaric to your room and keep his hands hidden.
Rhi, go to the infirmary and ask for Dyre. A mender will draw too much


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