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RankRider, second year
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
Appears inIron Flame

Physical Appearance

Short black, warm russet-brown skin.

About Cohen

Cohen, a second-year Rider in “Iron Flame”, is characterized by his warm russet-brown skin and short black hair. He’s depicted as having a friendly demeanor, evident in his interactions with his peers. When introduced to a group, he greets them with a fast smile and a friendly gesture​​.

In terms of his interactions with others, Cohen appears to be light-hearted and jovial. For instance, during a discussion about land navigation, he readily laughs at a joke made by his fellow Rider, Ridoc, showcasing his good sense of humor​​. In another instance, when discussing what to do if they encounter a dragon, Cohen adds humor to the conversation, joking about being digested.

Moreover, Cohen is also shown to be compassionate. In a moment of crisis, when they come across a scene of destruction and distress, Cohen is seen kneeling beside Brisa, showing his concern and support in a difficult situation​​.


“Don’t be an asshole.” I elbow him in the arm. “Depends on the
color, but a good rule of thumb is to lower your eyes and back away,” I
tell the infantry cadet. “But we can usually hear them coming.”
“Then prepare to be digested,” Cohen adds.
“Oh gods,” the brunette whispers.


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