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RankRider, second year
QuadrantRiders Quadrant
Appears inIron Flame

Physical Appearance

Brisa has a shaved head, rich brown skin, and an observant, quick-moving gaze.

About Brisa

Brisa, a second-year Rider, is characterized by her distinctive appearance and noteworthy interactions with others. She has a shaved head, rich brown skin, and a gaze that is both observant and quick-moving, suggesting a sharp and alert nature​​.

In terms of her interactions, Brisa is shown to be a practical and critical thinker, especially in situations requiring navigation and strategy. For instance, she is entrusted with a map during a joint land navigation exercise, demonstrating her reliability in navigation tasks, and collaborates with her teammates, including Rhiannon and Ridoc, to strategize their route​​.

Furthermore, her problem-solving skills come to the forefront when she identifies a critical issue that their group faces: being given two different maps. This insight, shared with Rhiannon and others, showcases her ability to assess and address challenges effectively, highlighting her role as a valuable and observant team member in complex situations​​.


“Hey, guys?” Brisa raises her voice behind us. “I think I know why it
feels like we’re getting nowhere.”
“Why is that?” Rhiannon asks over her shoulder.
“Calvin’s right, but so are you. They gave us two different maps,” she
says as the first of us crest the hill… and freeze.


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