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New Iron Flame Previews

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I’m sure some of you have seen posts online that there are some new Iron Flame previews. And the good news, I can confirm, yes, there are!

There is an audiobook preview from Apple Books.

You can listen to it by going to Apple Books for the preview. However, I am aware some of us find it difficult to focus on the audio. I tried it but I couldn’t focus, so eventually I turned the internet upside down to find the transcribed version. Well good news, here is the transcribed Iron Flame preview.

Iron Flame Audiobook transcription Part 1
Iron Flame Audiobook transcription Part 1
Iron Flame audiobook transcription part 2
Iron Flame audiobook transcription part 2
Bonus Iron Flame preview from Blackstone Library
Bonus Iron Flame preview from Blackstone Library

Iron Flame Preview – What do we know so far?

There isn’t a lot of info we got from this preview. It was a genius teaser that left us with more questions than answers.

From the previous Iron Flame snippet we already got that Violet can communicate with her dragons, and she is fully healed. It’s nice to yet again have confirmation that she indeed healed well, minus the one scar.

She has not yet seen her dragons. And the mental path to Andarna is not golden anymore which makes me think of my previous theory that Andarna might turn into an ordinary colour. Violet does mention that the path is no longer shimmering gold like her scales. Well, that’s not a confirmation that Andarna is still golden, though. Remember, she has not seen her dragons yet! I am very curious about this. And the fact that they are sneaking in to probably leave Andarna in the Vale before anyone else notices them, that’s also confirmation that she is very different (and I don’t think just size-wise). We’ll just have to wait and see…

I’ve updated the info on Brennan. We now know a little bit more about his appearance, which is nice. Although he does look very different from Violet and Mira.

Ok, who is Lieutenant Colonel Acerai? I read that several times. Is Bodhi referring to Brennan as Lieutenant Colonel Acerai? Or is he telling Brennan who the missive is from? Because I am really confused.

And yay, we are learning a little bit more about Empyrean and the bond between dragons and humans, which apparently started 600 years ago. I’m loving the direction of the book so far and I can see that we are going to learn a lot more about dragons in general, where they come from and so on. Also, we might learn quite a lot about Aretia, given the initial introduction, or at least this is what I’m really hoping for.

Lastest Update – New Iron Flame Preview

On Rebecca Yarros’ Instagram, we got yet another cute little preview. And yes, we are even more excited and counting the days until the Iron Flame release! See the preview below:

“And do you trust me?”

“You want the uncomplicated answer?”

“Given our limited alone time, that’s preferable.”

“With my life. After all, it’s your life, too.”

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12 responses to “New Iron Flame Previews”

  1. Did anyone else catch that the rider in the preview was from Basgiath? Seems like confirmation someone on the inside knows the rebellion is still alive and Aretia still exists. Certainly makes sense, there’s no way in 3 years no one has figured out rebellion kids are meeting in secret, disappearing for days at a time to deliver the venin killing weapons, etc. Or did another of the rebellion kids send the rider? Either way, risky to correspond, but necessary I’m assuming. Wondering if that means General Sorengail knows her children are alive and is the one aiding the rebellion, especially given the dagger in her office.

    1. I had the exact same thought. I definitely have a feeling that someone else in Basgiath knows what is going on, however I wonder if they end up being an ally or an enemy – can’t wait to find out. I did have a thought that it could be General Sorrengail. I had always wondered about the dagger, whether she was involved in some way or if it was a trophy or it was just a general item. My initial thought was that she was connected, but never sure to what extent. Can’t wait to find out who it might be.

      1. I think it has to do with her pregnancy with Violet. And how she lost some of her colour due to that “illness”.

  2. I am kind of getting the impression that Lieutenant Colonel Acerai is Brennan. If any correspondence was ever intercepted, it would be dangerous to have any hint that Brennan was the recipient. But if this was the case, why did Bodhi refer to him as Lieutenant Colonel Acerai? Do you think he knows that the man opposite Vi here is her brother? I don’t have Fourth Wing on me at the moment and can’t quite remember who was present when Vi saw Brennan at the end and what was actually said – if it was just Xaden and Vi present or if the word brother was ever mentioned. Who actually knows that Brennan is Brennan? Is this a secret that Xaden is keeping from the others – possibly as some sort of protection for them, for the rebellion, for Brennan himself? But I would think that Xaden would trust those closest to him like Garrick and Bodhi. The kitchen is described as being busy – maybe a select few do know and he is covering in case he is overheard? But I remember the hatred that Imogen had for Violet at the beginning of Fourth Wing (even wanting to kill her) – I don’t think that she would have had so much hatred towards Vi if she knew that Brennan was the man possibly leading the rebellion. So I don’t think that everyone knows that it is Brennan and this is his cover.

    But you are right – it is very confusing who this is – 6 days to go 😀

    1. Hm…I see what you’re saying. I wondered if he was referring to him as Lieutenant Colonel Acerai indeed to sort of confuse the enemy, or if he said the name of the person who wrote the correspondence. Like he announced “this is from Lieutenant Colonel Acerai” only that he said the name as the rest is obvious. Maybe I’m just over complicating this. I think everyone in the rebellion knows Brennan is her brother. Why, do you think everyone knows of Brennan but not his connection? Like do you think Lieutenant Colonel Acerai is a name he invented somehow for himself to keep the cover and his previous life a secret? That would be interesting. But then, only Xaden would know Brennan was her brother.
      And YES! Finally! Someone else picked up on the Imogen thing. Thank you thank you thank you. Like, Emma, we’re on the same page. How can you hate on this girl when her literal brother is part of the rebellion? Like surely SURELY you figured she’s just clueless, no?
      Which, indeed, makes me think you might be right…Brennan might be using a cover for himself here…so he might indeed be “Lieutenant Colonel Acerai” 🙂

      1. I saw on Reddit – someone posted their notes on Rebecca’s event at the LA book festival and someone asked if we were going to get more from Xaden’s POV. She replied that we will when he stops keeping secrets!!! This could be one of his secrets – even keeping it from those closest to him. I checked the end of Fourth Wing and Bodhi left just before Violet saw her brother. It was only Vi and Xaden present when Brennan said ‘little sister.’

    2. BTW, did you listen to the author’s latest reading on Insta about Liam and Sloane? That…I did NOT expect that.

      1. Please expand or advise where I can find the reading!

        1. It’s on the author’s official Instagram account. If you search for Rebecca Yarros you will see in her latest posts.

      2. Yep, I did. Unfortunately, I did have a sneaky feeling it could go that way, but I had wondered if it might have been more directed towards Xaden and not so much Violet. Will see how it goes 🫣

    3. I’m wondering if only a select few rebellion kids know everything Xaden knows. Either that or Xaden has secrets he’s keeping from everyone, like Xaden and Brennan are leading the rebellion with assistance from one or more people on the inside of Basgiath. I’m guessing for their own protection 106 out of 107 of the rebellion kids are in the dark about alot of details, maybe even only knowing they are alive b/c of Xaden and if they want to remain so, follow his orders. I’m sure it’s more complex than that, but, depending on who you are, the need to know basis may be more for your own protection than anything else. I’m guessing they all know venin and wyvern exist and that those daggers kill them and that they are alive b/c of Xaden, but I have to imagine even Garrick and Bodhi are in the dark about some things so people with signets like Dain can’t access all the secrets.

      As a side note, I’ve been wondering if Brennan is the one making all those venin killing weapons

    4. Yuki Hakage(Cover name) Avatar
      Yuki Hakage(Cover name)

      I saw on a google books preview-don’t ask me how- but apparently, Andarna turned into a black dragon, Brennan is Not colonel Acerai, but is another colonel, and there’s a system called the “Assembly.” I will input more information when possible.

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