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Guide to Iron Flame Characters, Dragons & Signets

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Guide to Iron Flame characters, dragons and signets

Characters in Iron Flame

Here is a list of all the characters that appear in Iron Flame. Please note that some of them are new characters we haven’t seen before. Others are continuing characters, including the protagonists, of course.

Please note there are some spoilers ahead, so make sure to read Iron Flame first.

Continuing Characters from Fourth Wing in Iron Flame

Violet Sorrengail is our 21 years old female protagonist. In Fourth Wing she became a powerful character by bonding two dragons, Tairn and Andarna and developing a powerful lightening signet. In Iron Flame, Violet develops her second signet. She continues her relationship with Xaden and discovers an incredible secret about her dragon, Andarna. She is fierce and loyal and at her core, a protector.

Xaden Riorson is a 24-year-old newly graduated lieutenant from Basgiath War College and the heir apparent of Aretia. Xaden is our male protagonist and a complicated characters. He continues to aid Poromiel in fighting venin and his ultimate goal is protect Violet at all cost. We discover that Xaden has a second signet, he is an inntinnsic as well as a shadow wielder.

General Lilith Sorrengail is Violet’s mother. She is a Rider and resides within the Basgiath War College. Lilith did everything to protect her children and even sacrificed herself to ensure her children will survive at all cost.

Mr Sorrengail is Violet’d father. He was a Scribe and trained Violet all her life to be a Scribe just like him. Mr Sorrengail died of heart failure. Not much more is known of Mr Sorrengail in Iron Flame.

Mira Sorrengail is Violet’s older sister. Mira is a Captain in Iron Flame and an accomplished Rider. Mira decides to turn against Navarre and fight for the people, thus fighting against the common enemy: dark wielders.

Brennan Sorrengail is Violet’s older brother. He was believed dead but in an unexpected turn of events, turns out, Brennan was very much alive and in hiding in Aretia. He is a lieutenant colonel.

Naolin was Tairn’s previous rider. He died during the Battle of Aretia saving Brennan. Not much more is known about Naolin in Iron Flame, although he is mentioned once.

General Melgren is the commanding General of all Navarre.

Dain Aetos was Violet’s best friend. In Iron Flame, Dain becomes the Fourth Wing Wingleader, replacing Xaden Riorson. He is confused as to why Violet is actively avoiding him after the Battle of Resson. He redeems himself by saving Violet and choosing to fight against the common enemy: venin.

Rhiannon Matthias is a second year in the Riders Quadrant and Violet’s best friend. Rhiannon becomes the Squad Leader and develops her summoning signet. She is patient and kind towards Violet and is a loyal friend in times of need.

Sawyer is a second year cadet and a metallurgist. Sawyer loses a leg at the Battle of Basgiath in fighting bravely alongside his friends. Sawyer develops feelings for Jesinia and learns how to sign.

Ridoc is a friend of Violet, Rhiannon and Sawyer. He is fierce in his loyalty and follows Violet whenever it is needed.

Jack Barlowe was presumed dead in Fourth Wing. However, he returns in Iron Flame initially as a rider, but later turns out he is actually venin.

Imogen, a third-year student that is becoming closer and closer to Violet. She is offering her friendship and support even though she spends most of her time with Quinn, her actual best friend.

Garrick is one of Xaden’s closest friends. He is a new lieutenant and stationed in Samara together with Xaden Riorson.

Bodhi is Xaden’s cousin. He is a third year cadet and his signet is a terrifying counter-signet ability.

Jesinia Neilwart is a Scribe in the Scribes Quadrant. She joins the resistance with Violet and her friends and helps Violet find crucial information about the wards.

Colonel Aetos is Dain Aetos’s father and a close advisor to Lilith Sorrengail, Violet’s mother. In Iron Flame we learn that he is actually a villain who not only knows about venin but works with them. He tasked venin within Basgiath to attempt to kill Violet and others who partook in the Battle of Resson.

Nolon is an 84-year-old rider who tried mending Jack Barlowe’s soul. He helps Violet escape during one of the second year tests, but then betrays her “for the safety of the kingdom.”

Syrena is a gryphon flier who fought bravely at Resson, alongside Violet and Xaden. We find out in Iron Flame that she is Catriona’s older sister and a prominent figure in Poromiel, second in line for the throne.

New characters in Iron Flame

Aaric Graycastle or Price Cam Tauri is King’s Tauri’s son. He is initially a first year who eventually manages to pass Threshing and bond to a beautiful blue dragon. We don’t know his signet yet, but he is actively helping Violet and Xaden in their rebellion.

Catriona Cordella is a strikingly beautiful and formidable flier from Poromiel. A native of Poromiel, she trained at the prestigious Cliffsbane Academy and is third in line for the Poromiel throne. She is Xaden’s previous fiancée.

Sloane is Liam Mairi’s younger sister. She is a blonde girl with sky-blue eyes and three inches taller than Violet Sorrengail. She bonds a red daggertail like her brother and becomes a siphon.

Suri is a wide shouldered brunette with olive skin and a single streak of silver in her hair. Bony fingers. She has a giant emerald ring on her finger.

Felix is a large man with an ebony hand and a thick silver beard. He has a calm voice. He helps Violet further develop her lightening signet.

Trissa is a petite woman with glossy black hair.

Kylynn is an older woman built like a battle-ax. She has blond hair and a square alabaster chin.

Nora is a truth sayer and is helping Major Varish with his torturing endeavours. She is also helping during RSC training by ensuring all the other riders tell the truth.

Major Ferris is an older man with an eyepatch and a hawkish nose. Thinning gray hair frame the deep lines in his lightly tanned, weathered skin. His jowls hang like a wildebeest.

Ciaran was part of the carefully selected crew by Xaden Riorson to accompany him for War Games. He fought bravely against venin at Resson. He is shorter than others, light brown hair, pinkish round face.

Eya partook in the Battle of Resson. She is a rider and a fair skin brunette with a pierced eyebrow. Eya has known Xaden since they were 10.

Masen partook in the Battle of Resson. He is a rider with glasses.

Major Burton Varrish is the new Vice Commander of Basgiath War College. He is ruthless and mean and was previously suspended for killing others during his tortures.

Viscount Tecarus has a political seat in Kingdom of Poromiel who is not part of the recognized Navarrian aristocracy. He is second in line to the Poromish throne, making him politically significant.

Drake Cordella is Catriona’s and Syrena’s cousion, He is a captain and wrote an important research compendium about dark wielders.

Maren is a petite gryphon flier and Catriona Cordella’s best friend.

How I imagine the Empyrean Series Characters

Auxiliary Characters

You will come across some of these names in the Iron Flame Book, although you don’t need to remember them. Some names you will recognize from Fourth Wing as well.

Professors in the Iron Flame

Iron Flame Dragons

A complete and detailed chart of all the dragons that appear in Iron Flame with their names, their name meaning in Gaelic, their colour, tail type if known and the human they are bonded with. Some of them you already know from Fourth Wing.

Dragon NameMeaning in GaelicDragon TypeHuman
Tairneanach (Tairn)ThunderBlack MorningstarViolet Sorrengail
Andarnaurram (Andarna)Second honourPearlescent
Violet Sorrengail
SgaeylShadowBlue DaggertailXaden Riorson
MarbhDeadOrange DaggertailBrennan Sorrengail
AimsirWeatherBrownLilith Sorrengail
AotromLightBrown SwordtailRidoc
ChradhPainBrown ScorpiontailGarrick
BaideHerdOrange ScorpiontailJack Barlowe
CathBattleRed SwordtailDain Aetos
CodaghWarBlack SwordtailMelgren
DeighIceRed DaggertailLiam Mairi
FeirgeAngerGreen DaggertailRhiannon Matthias
FuilBloodBrown ClubtailSoleil
SliseagSliceRed SwordtailSawyer
SmachdDisciplineUnknownProfessor Kaori
TeineFireGreen ClubtailMira Sorrengail
SolasLightOrange DaggertailMajor Burton Varrish
BreuganLiesOrange daggertailProfessor Carr
CuirTo place/To PutGreenBodhi
GlaneClean/PureOrange DaggertailImogen
ThoirtImportanceRed DaggertailSloane
FannWeakGreen SwordtailUlices

Signets in Iron Flame

We already know quite a lot about signets. Also, our main characters have their signets known but as we introduce new characters, we’re still finding out what they can do. In a new twist, we learn that Xaden Riorson has in fact two signets and that Violet’s second signet also manifested, although we don’t know officially what it is.

CharacterTheir SignetOccurrence
Violet SorrengailLightning
Can briefly stop time (direct gift)
Second Signet TBC
Xaden RiorsonShadows
Brennan SorrengailMenderExceptionally Rare
Lilith SorrengailPower of StormsUnknown
Mira SorrengailExtending WardsUnknown
General MelgrenSeeing the outcome of battleRare
Dain AetosRetrocognitionUnknown
Rhiannon MatthiasSummonerRare
ImogenWipe out recent memoriesUnknown
NadineUnweaving wardsUnknown
NaolinSiphoning powerUnknown
QuinnAstral projectingUnknown
SloaneSiphoning powerUnknown
NoraTruth SayerUnknown
Major VarrishSees WeaknessUnknown
BodhiCounter signetsUnknown
Professor CarrFireCommon
Catriona CordellaHeighten EmotionsUnknown

Gods mentioned in Iron Flame


Iron Flame Map

Please note that in Iron Flame, the map at the beginning of the book has changed slightly.

Iron Flame Theories

Share that Venin and Wyvern are real!

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