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Professor Grady

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LocationBasgiath War College
RoleProfessor of RSC

About Professor Grady

Professor Grady, introduced in Iron Flame, is depicted as a tall rider with a commanding presence and impeccable posture. His voice is powerful enough to quiet a room as he addresses the second-year students. Professor Grady is newly appointed to his role.

There is a scene where Professor Grady hands out waterskins to the riders, including Violet. He apologizes for the abrupt change of scenery and advises them to hydrate. The water in the skins is described as crisp and cold but also contains a pungent, earthy, and bitterly floral aftertaste, which prompts a comment about the need for Professor Grady to take better care of his skins​​. Read more about the elixir that’s in the waterskins.

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