Fourth Wing and Iron Flame Christmas Gift Ideas

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Perfect Christmas gifts for book and fantasy lovers

You are a fan of the Empyrean Series, and you love Fourth Wing and Iron Flame. Great, then we have that in common. My friends and I, who love fantasy books (especially romantasy!), are putting together our wishlists for Christmas presents.

I thought that maybe you, your friends, and family would be interested in a list of Christmas gifts for book and fantasy lovers, especially for fans of the Empyrean Series.

Well, I started hunting for the best Christmas gifts for my fantasy-loving friends, and I thought I should share the best items with you too. Hopefully, it will come in handy.

Best Christmas Gifts for Book and Fantasy Lovers

Fourth Wing Book – Need I say more? Do they have the digital copy? Give them the hardcover too. Mark my words, this is going to be such a cool gift. Because it’s so much better to be able to underline when you inevitably read it again.

Fourth Wing Special Edition – Hey, any Empyrean Series lover will know how important special editions are. And this one really is special because it has two special scenes in it from Xaden’s POV. Ehm…yes please!

Iron Flame – Did they not read it yet? Gift it to them! Don’t laugh, but I already have two copies. One is pretty and pristine, and the other I use to underline and basically read and re-read. Oh the joy of collecting books.

The gift of reading – When in doubt, the best gift is an Amazon Gift Card with a lovely message stating that you are just fuelling your friend’s reading addiction. Books are expensive and every so often you don’t know what book your friends want next. It’s OK to just give them the gift of reading!

Fantasy Bookmarks – I found this online and I’m just in love with them. I do love bookmarks so much! And I do find them super useful, especially because I need to remember where I left off when I write all the theories!

Fourth Wing Stickers – Call me crazy but I already have them all over my laptop and my notebook. I’m sure you are not surprised, I did create a whole website dedicated to the Empyrean Series so of course, I ordered stickers as gifts for everyone!

Cute little dragon mug – Chances are, if they love to read books, they are never too far away from their cup of tea. Your book loving friend will appreciate a mug with a cute dragon in it!

Novelty Socks – It’s Christmas and for most of us, it’s cold. We do appreciate some warm novelty socks. If you are in Australia, and it’s really hot, you probably still need socks to go with your Birkenstocks. Don’t resist it, just go with the trend.

Reading Journal – This is on my gift list this year as I really, really need it for my Iron Flame obsession. I have so many ideas to write down and I am not always in front of my laptop.

Fourth Wing Quote Tote Bag – We all need something to transport all our books, right? Besides, tote bags come in handy for when we need to go out in real life and buy actual groceries. If only Violet could give us chocolate cake too…

Wooden Book Light – I saw this online and I thought I need to have it. I love everything about this bedside lamp. It’s just perfect and cosy and love that you can just close the book to switch off the light!

Book Nook Kit – Please please add this to your list of shopping for Christmas. I got a similar book nook and honestly it’s the most beautiful thing ever! I spent a whole day putting it together and I loved every minute of it. It’s really special and your book lovers will really appreciate this gift!

Book candles – You know you and your friends do it all the time. Get home from work, draw a bath, have a nice cup of tea, a candle burning while relaxing and reading a book. That is the perfect evening, isn’t it?

Sturdy Book Canvas Tote – If your friends are lucky enough to go on holiday this Christmas, consider gifting them a book themed tote that can hold plenty of books (and other items). I saw this online and added it to my list of things I want this year. It looks amazing. Sadly, I’m not going anywhere fancy, but it looks perfect for carrying my books!

Stocking fillers for book lovers

Book keychain – Cute and adorable. Just a little extra for your book loving friend.

Books Enamel Pins – These are on my list. I love them so much, I want them on little work bag!

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