Empyrean Series Crosswords Week 2

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Dain with this week's Fourth Wing and Iron Flame crosswords

It’s Wednesday again which means it’s crosswords day! Today I’m bringing you a more difficult crosswords which means you might need to pick up both Fourth Wing and Iron Flame and give them a read again.

As always, this is printable so you can have fun with your family and friends when discussing the series. BTW, I’m sure you’ve seen it that Rebecca Yarros revealed the cover for Onyx Storm already! That’s so exciting, I can’t even…

So in preparation for Onyx Storm, I think it’s time to brush off our knowledge and have some fun.

So what’s going on this week in the crosswords?

Happy puzzling


I’m also going to give you some clues. If you don’t need clues, please don’t read this section until you finish your puzzle.

2) The unique feature of the protagonist’s hair. (Think color)
3) Kind professor at Basgiath. His signet is: Illusionist (He loves dragons)
4) Luella has a gryphon named… (You will find this information in Iron Flame, when they hike the cliffs)
6) Violet had two previous lovers from which quadrant? (Xaden did tell her that he can’t imagine her with scribes…)
8) Where is Tecarus’ palace located? (It’s also the language Dain speaks well)

1) Brennan’s dragon is what color? (He’s…unpredictable)
2) Andarna kills Solas. What does Tairn call her? (No hint here! But this is from Iron Flame)
5) The stone in Tecarus’ palace was quarried from… (It’s a province in Poromiel)
7) In which city is the flyers’ school? (It’s in Iron Flame, and it starts with Z…)

How did you do?

Did you enjoy it? Next week, I will make it even harder 🙂 We’re having fun, aren’t we? Let me know how many did you get right in the comments section below.

For now, I think it’s fair that I also give you the answers.

Spoilers ahead: Answers

Just be aware that you will see the answers below. So only continue if you’ve done the crosswords or are looking for the whole completed set. See you with more fun next week.

Fourth Wing and Iron Flame crosswords answers
Fourth Wing and Iron Flame crosswords answers

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