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The Basgiath War College Code of Conduct

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Code of conduct Basgiath War College

Major Afendra’s Guide to the Riders Quadrant (Unauthorized Edition)

What no one openly says is that while all four quadrants obey the Code of Conduct, a rider’s first responsibility is to the Codex, which often overrules the regulations other quadrants live by.
By definition: the riders make their own rules.

Article Two, Section Three, The Basgiath War College Code of Conduct

Barring invasion, only riders and designated scribes are permitted in the Riders Quadrant. To enter uninvited as infantry or even healer is to welcome a swift death.

Article Four, Section One, The Basgiath War College Code of Conduct

Cadets who are found absent without leave will be subject to court-martial by their chain of command, if they are not executed on sight.

Addendum 5.2, Basgiath War College Code of Conduct

In the best interest of preserving peace within Navarre, no more than three cadets carrying rebellion relics may be assigned to any squad of any quadrant.

Addendum 5.3, Basgiath War College Code of Conduct

In addition to last year’s changes, marked ones assembling in groups of three or more will now be considered an act of seditious conspiracy and is hereby a capital offense.

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