Empyrean Riders Riddles Week 1

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Empyrean Riders Riddles Week

Greetings, fellow fans of the Empyrean Series!

I’ve been burning the midnight oil and diving deep into the world of Rebecca Yarros’ Fourth Wing to bring you a special treat that promises to challenge your wit and immerse you further into the captivating universe of Empyrean Series.

Today, I am thrilled to unveil seven meticulously crafted riddles that will keep your minds racing and your imaginations soaring.

Crafting these riddles was no easy feat – trust me, I spent countless hours perfecting the rhymes and ensuring each riddle would capture the essence of the characters and places we all love. Did they turn out right? Let me know in the comments below and if you like them. I will make sure to bring you more and more!

I wanted to start things off a bit easier to warm you up, but rest assured, as we go along, the riddles will become more challenging. This is just the beginning of a fun and engaging way to dive deeper into the world Rebecca Yarros has so beautifully crafted.

Why Riddles?

Riddles have always been a fantastic way to engage with stories and characters on a different level. They push us to think critically and connect the dots in ways we might not have before. Plus, they’re just plain fun! The Empyrean Series is rich with detail, lore, and intricate character arcs, making it the perfect playground for a riddle challenge.

The Riddles…Get Ready

1) In skies above, with fire I reign, My scales reflect both sun and rain. Born of myth, fierce and grand, What creature soars across the land?

2) Upon my back, they find their place, With courage strong, they set the pace. In battles fierce, our bond is true, Who am I, trusted by the few?

3) A narrow path, with winds that howl, High above, the brave do prowl. Many attempt, but few survive, What structure tests if they’ll thrive?

4) Marked by past and family name, His father’s deeds a constant shame. Yet in the skies, he finds his might, Who faces foes with darkened light?

5) Shelves of lore, where secrets sleep, In quiet halls, knowledge deep. Scribes gather, history’s keep, What place holds the stories they reap?

6) Power dark, forbidden lore, With shadows deep, and dangers more. A relic’s touch, corruption’s claim, What am I, feared in name?

7) Fortress strong, where riders train, Through trials harsh, they seek no gain. From dawn till dusk, they test their will, What place shapes heroes still?

What’s Next?

Keep an eye out for more riddles in the future. As mentioned earlier, they will get more difficult, pushing your knowledge and understanding of the series even further. Who knows, we might even introduce some prizes for those who solve them all correctly!

I hope you enjoy this riddle challenge as much as I enjoyed creating it. Let’s dive into the world of Basgiath War College, uncover its secrets, and celebrate the incredible journey that Rebecca Yarros has taken us on.

Answers below! Scroll carefully!

  1. Dragon
  2. Rider
  3. Parapet
  4. Xaden Riorson
  5. The Archives
  6. Venin
  7. Basgiath

Want more games? Don’t forget to check last week’s Crosswords and more quizzes. See you next week!

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