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Lyra’s Journal

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Lyra’s journal is a significant artefact in the Iron Flame series, containing information that contradicts Warrick’s journal, another important document in the series.

The key distinction between the two journals is the number associated with a crucial aspect of how the first wards of Navarre were raised.

While Warrick’s journal mentions the number six, Lyra’s journal refers to the number seven. Specifically, it states, “The breath of life of the seven combined and set the stone ablaze in an iron flame.”

This difference suggests there are seven dragons involved, contrary to the commonly believed six, as the known dens are black, blue, green, orange, brown, and red.

According to Lilith Sorrengail, Violet’s father had a research which showed that Warrick wanted Navarre to have the upper hand when it comes to wards whereas Lyra believed that this information should be shared.

Journal of Lyra of Morraine – Translated by Cadet Jesinia Neilwart

I am alone in thinking the knowledge of wards, the protections they provide, should not solely benefit Navarre, and it has cost me everything.

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