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Warrick’s Journal

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Warrick’s journal, as mentioned in Iron Flame, is a crucial artefact containing cryptic instructions in Old Lucerish on how to use a wardstones and how to create protective wards.

Jesinia played a pivotal role in acquiring this journal, as she helped Violet and her squad steal it for these instructions. The journal was located in the Royal Vault, in the Archives, in the Scribes Quadrant. Violet needed Aaric’s help to be able to enter the vault.

The journal’s contents are not immediately comprehensible due to the language barrier, requiring detailed and precise translation to be useful. After stealing the journal, Violet gives it to Xaden to take it to Brennan for accurate and fast translation.

While the journal is partially helpful, it turns out that it has major missing components, which are available in Lyra’s journal.

According to Lilith, Violet’s father once told her that his research showed that Warrick never wanted anyone else to hold the power of the wards. He wanted Navarre to eternally hold the upper hand.

The Journal of Warrick of Luceras – Translated by Cadets Violet Sorrengail and Dain Aetos

The breath of life of the six and the one combined and set the stone ablaze in an iron flame.

It was never our continent. From the very beginning, it was theirs, and we were simply allowed to live here.

The combined hatching grounds at Basgiath is our generation’s greatest asset…and our greatest liability.

After we placed the last rune, we placed the wardstone where the dragons felt the deepest currents of magic run. […] That last step complete, the protections fell into place at…at the birth of an iron rain.

Nothing kills powerful, unshakable love faster than opposing ideologies.

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