Is Jordan Fisher Our New Xaden?

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In the intriguing world of celebrity connections and online interactions, a recent Instagram post by Rebecca Yarros has stirred quite the conversation.

Among the many responses was one from Jordan Fisher, an actor known not just for his versatile roles in film and television but also for his genuine interactions on social media. Their exchange was distinctly familiar, hinting at a rapport that goes beyond mere acquaintances.

This has led to some buzzing questions: Could Jordan Fisher be our new Xaden?

Rebecca Yarros instagram talking to Jason Fisher
Rebecca Yarros instagram talking to Jason Fisher

Who is Jordan Fisher?

Jordan William Fishers resume contains numerous artistic achievements. Born on April 24, 1994, in Birmingham, Alabama, Fisher has developed a formidable career that spans across acting, singing, and dancing. His notable appearances in TV series like “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and “Liv and Maddie,” as well as films like “Teen Beach Movie” and the Netflix hit “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” showcase his range and dedication.

On Broadway, Fisher’s roles have been equally impressive, including his performances in “Hamilton” and “Dear Evan Hansen,” and more recently, “Hadestown.” His victory on “Dancing with the Stars” Season 25 and his musical ventures further highlight his versatility and charismatic appeal.

The Familiar Exchange

The interaction on Instagram between Fisher and Yarros was notably warm and personal. Such exchanges often suggest a shared history or a mutual respect, which in the realms of social media, can sometimes hint at future collaborations or deeper connections.

The familiarity in their comments has sparked thoughts among fans and followers about potential professional ties or projects that might be in the works.

Fit for the Role?

Speculating whether Jordan Fisher could be our new Xaden involves considering his alignment with the character’s traits. Fisher’s multi-ethnic heritage and dynamic presence bring a unique depth that might well suit a complex character like Xaden. His artistic versatility and ability to connect with audiences add to his suitability.

However, some fans argue that despite his undeniable appeal, Fisher’s physical attributes and inherent sweetness might not completely resonate with their vision of Xaden, who is often depicted as a more rugged and mysterious figure.

Is Jason Fisher our new Xaden?


As of now, the notion of Jordan Fisher as our new Xaden remains speculative. While his interaction with Rebecca Yarros has certainly piqued interest, there has been no confirmation from Yarros or her team regarding any casting decisions or project developments.

What remains clear, however, is that Fisher embodies a charisma and talent that could very well fit a myriad of roles, Xaden included. The excitement and speculation will continue until more concrete information emerges.

Whether this speculation will turn into reality is a story yet to unfold.

What do you think about Jordan Fisher stepping into the shoes of Xaden?

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