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  • Bragen


    Name Bragen Character Gryphon Flier Rank Third year, driftleader Gryphon unknown Appears in Iron Flame About Bragen Bragen is a third-year leader, gryphon flier. He is described as a stocky one with the necklace of scars, he has brown eyes and vertical silver scars down his neck. Violet describes Bragen as the easiest of the… Continue reading

  • Kiandra


    Name Kiandra Rank Professor, Flier Appears in Iron Flame About Professor Kiandra Kiandra has an auburn braid. She is the professor of the gryphon fliers. Quotes “And as their guests,” the flier professor says, placing a hand on herample hip, “all fliers will abide by it.” A disgruntled murmur rollsthrough their half. “Is that clear?”“Yes,… Continue reading

  • Trager


    Name Trager Rank Gryphon Flier Appears in Iron Flame About Trager Trager is a tall gryphon flier guy with shoulder-length brown hair and crooked smile. He has a fight with Rhiannon during sparring, but Rhi wins in less than five minutes. Previously, Rhi punched Trager in the face because he made remarks about a border… Continue reading

  • Nicholai Panya

    Nicholai Panya

    Name Nicholai Panya Rank Lieutenant Quadrant Riders Quadrant Relationships Isar Panya (sister) Status Dead Nicholai Panya was a rider and Lieutenant, two years ahead of Violet Sorrengail’s class. He was described by Ridoc as having a great sense of humour. He was survived by his sister, Isar Panya. Continue reading

  • Isar Panya

    Isar Panya

    Name Isar Panya Rank Rider Wing and Section Second Wing, Tail Section Relationships Nicholai Panya (brother) Continue reading

  • Gaothal


    Name Gaothal Meaning in Gaelic Wind Rider Cianna Continue reading

  • Cibbelair Gryphon

    Cibbelair Gryphon

    Name Cibbelair Nickname Cibbe Creature Gryphon Flier Luella Status Dead About Cibbelair Cibbelair is a Gryphon with silver-specked wings and fawn-and-ochre haunches. Her flier, Luella falls to her death when the group is crossing the mountain on the way to Aretia. After her riders’ death, Cibbe is grabbed by a wyvern and pulled in to… Continue reading

  • Luella


    Name Luella Rank Gryphon Flier Gryphon Cibbelair Status Dead Appears in Iron Flame About Luella Luella is a small flier with pale, nearly white hair and freckles, hazel eyes. Her gryphon is called Cibbelair. According to Maren, she bakes really good cakes. Maren also describes her as the “nicest and smallest of us” when talking… Continue reading

  • Dajalair


    Name Dajalair Creature Gryphon Flier Maren Physical Appearance Dajalair is a brown-and-white gryphon. She’s surefooted and a little temperamental. According to her flier, Daja might not want to admit it, but she’s a lowland girl. Continue reading

  • Maren


    Name Maren Rank Flier Gryphon Dajalair Relationship Catriona Cordella (best friend) Physical Apearance Maren is petite for a flier, though still taller than Violet, with a heart-shaped face under dark hair woven into a long single braid that falls along the bronzed ochre skin of her neck. Continue reading

  • Cliffs of Dralor

    Cliffs of Dralor

    From the dangerous waves of the Arctile Ocean to the lowest plains of the Tyrrendor plateau, the Cliffs of Dralor rise to over twelve thousand feet in places. Points of Interest: Medaro Pass. Continue reading

  • Rybestad Chest

    Rybestad Chest

    The Rybstad Chest is a metal chest the size of an armoire. This item belonged to Fen Riorson. It is considered a great treasure and it was brought to Poromiel when Fen negotiated Xaden’s engagement with Catriona. Xaden confirms that the Rybestad chest was the most valuable items his father owned. Thanks to the runes… Continue reading

  • Queen Maraya

    Queen Maraya

    Queen Maraya is known for her political decisions, especially regarding her throne’s succession. She rejected all marriage proposals from the Isle Kingdoms and chose her distant cousin, Viscount Tecarus of Cordyn, as her heir. This choice highlights her independent and strategic approach to governance. Having refused every proposal from the isle kingdoms, Queen Maraya has… Continue reading

  • Fliers


    Fliers are the bonded cadets with gryphons. Fliers are to gryphons what riders are to dragons. This partnership defines their identity and role within the series​​. Abilities While fliers might not wield signets like their dragon-riding counterparts, they possess lesser-magic gifts, often involving mindwork. This gives them an advantage in certain aspects of magic over… Continue reading

  • Draithus


    Name Draithus Kingdom Kingdom of Poromiel Political Significance Krovla’s most populous city Royalty Viscount Tecarus Draithus is situated about an hour southeast of a referenced location and is known for being close to both the Navarrian border and the sea. It is mentioned in the context of shared airspace agreements between Navarre and Krovla, particularly… Continue reading

  • Anca


    Name Anca Kingdom Kingdom of Poromiel Political Significance Close proximity to Zolya Royalty Viscount Tecarus Location Braevick Province Points of Interest Cliffsbane Anca is a city in the Kingdom of Poromiel, close to Zolya. The city is in the Braevick Province, next to the Stonewater River. Continue reading

  • Eleni Jareth

    Eleni Jareth

    Name Eleni Jareth Rank Rider, Wingleader, Second Wing Quadrant Riders Quadrant Appears in Iron Flame About Eleni Jareth Eleni is promoted to Wingleader by Brennan alongside Tibbot Vasant. Quotes “First,” Brennan begins, “we’ve done as you’ve asked and kept youin your respective wings. Second Wing and Third Wing, you know thatEleni Jareth and Tibbot Vasant… Continue reading

  • Tibbot Vasant

    Tibbot Vasant

    Name Tibbot Vasant Rank Rider, Wingleader, Third Wing Quadrant Riders Quadrant Appears in Iron Flame About Tibbot Vasant Tibbot has been promoted by Brennan to Wingleader after the council decided that the riders will stay at Aretia. Quotes “First,” Brennan begins, “we’ve done as you’ve asked and kept youin your respective wings. Second Wing and… Continue reading

  • The Isle Kingdoms

    The Isle Kingdoms

    The isle kingdoms consist of five large and thirteen smaller islands that surround the Continent in every direction. The Isle Kingdoms were allies in the Great War, as mentioned in a book detailing the complex relationships of the First Six and their experiences during this conflict​​. There is an indication that the Isle Kingdoms have… Continue reading

  • Kylynn


    Name Kylynn Nickname Battle-Ax Rank Rider, member of The Assembly Dragon unknown Appears in Iron Flame About Kylynn Kylynn is an older woman built like a “battle-ax”. She has blond hair and a square alabaster chin. When the cadets are in Aretia, she takes on flight manoeuvres once the Assembly agrees it is safe enough… Continue reading

  • Lyra’s Journal

    Lyra’s Journal

    Lyra’s journal is a significant artefact in the Iron Flame series, containing information that contradicts Warrick’s journal, another important document in the series. The key distinction between the two journals is the number associated with a crucial aspect of how the first wards of Navarre were raised. While Warrick’s journal mentions the number six, Lyra’s… Continue reading

  • Warrick’s Journal

    Warrick’s Journal

    Warrick’s journal, as mentioned in Iron Flame, is a crucial artefact containing cryptic instructions in Old Lucerish on how to use a wardstones and how to create protective wards. Jesinia played a pivotal role in acquiring this journal, as she helped Violet and her squad steal it for these instructions. The journal was located in… Continue reading

  • Cruth


    Name Cruth Colour Unknown Tail Unknown Rider Quinn Meaning in Gaelic Figure Meaning in Old Irish Shape, Form Cruth is a dragon bonded to Quinn. The signet ability manifested by his rider is astral-projection. Quinn can also astral project as someone else. She is able to change her appearance slightly but it’s much easier in… Continue reading

  • Samuelson


    Name Samuelson Rank Cadet Quadrant Scribes Quadrant College Basgiath War College Appears in Iron Flame About Samuelson When Xaden, Violet, Jesinia and others break into the vault, they run into Samuelson who is on his way to fetch his binding assignment he forgot in Culley’s room earlier. His appearance nearly compromises the group’s mission, causing… Continue reading

  • Alic Tauri

    Alic Tauri

    Name Alic Tauri Rank Cadet Quadrant Riders Quadrant College Basgiath War College Family King Tauri (father)Aaric Greycastle Tauri (brother)Halden (brother) Status Dead Appears in Iron Flame About Alic Tauri Alic Tauri was Aaric’s older brother, who enrolled as a cadet in the Riders Quadrant at the Basgiath War College. He was killed by Xaden Riorson.… Continue reading

  • Avalynn


    Name Avalynn Rank First Year Riders Quadrant Riders Quadrant College Basgiath War College Origin Morraine, Navarre Dragon unknown Appears in Iron Flame About Avalynn Avalynn is a First Year bonded rider at Basgiath War College. She is from Morraine, and she still has family there. Quotes “Some of us have family in Navarre,” Avalynn says,… Continue reading

  • Lynx


    Name Lynx Rank Bonded Rider, First Year Quadrant Riders Quadrant, Flame Section College Basgiath War College Dragon Unknown Appears in Iron Flame Place of birth Luceras About Lynx Lynx is a First Year rider from Luceras. He has bonded a dragon but the name of the dragon is not mentioned in Iron Flame. Violet nearly… Continue reading

  • The Basgiath War College Code of Conduct

    The Basgiath War College Code of Conduct

    Major Afendra’s Guide to the Riders Quadrant (Unauthorized Edition) What no one openly says is that while all four quadrants obey the Code of Conduct, a rider’s first responsibility is to the Codex, which often overrules the regulations other quadrants live by.By definition: the riders make their own rules. Article Two, Section Three, The Basgiath… Continue reading

  • Iron Flame Theory: Violet and Xaden are Gods

    Iron Flame Theory: Violet and Xaden are Gods

    You are going to absolutely love the latest Iron Flame theory. Thank you to our reader Miranda who sent me this TikTok by a lady called @southernlife00. She does not have a bio on her profile but shout out to her as her theory is incredible. If you don’t have TikTok don’t worry, I will… Continue reading

  • Cordyn


    Name Cordyn Location Kingdom of Poromiel Political Significance Home of Viscount Tecarus Cordyn is the next largest city between Zolya and Draithus, and still outside venin-controlled territory. It is a seaside city was a two-day flight from Basgiath, and around ten hour flight from Aretia. The city is on the sourthern coast of the Krovlan… Continue reading

  • Drake Cordella

    Drake Cordella

    Name Drake Cordella Rank Flier, Captain Location Kingdom of Poromiel Family Syrena Cordella (cousin)Catriona Cordella (cousin)Viscount Tecarus (uncle) Drake is mentioned as being a cousin of Syrena and Cation. Syrena refers to Drake when talking about family, clarifying that although they share the same last name, they are cousins and not brothers as Mira initially… Continue reading

  • Viscount Tecarus

    Viscount Tecarus

    Name Tecarus Political Seat Viscount of the Kingdom of Poromiel Location Cordyn, Krovla, Kingdom of Poromiel Ability knows what people want Age In his 5th decade of life Family Syrena Cordella (niece)Catriona Cordella (niece)Drake Cordella (nephew)Queen Maraya (distant cousin) About Viscount Tecarus Viscount Tecarus has a political seat in the Kingdom of Poromiel who is… Continue reading

  • Syrena Cordella

    Syrena Cordella

    Name Syrena Cordella Rank Flier Political status Second in line for the throne in the Kingdom of Poromiel Family Catriona Cordella (younger sister)Viscount Tecarus (uncle)Drake Cordella (cousin) Syrena Cordella is a very accomplished gryphon flier from Kingdom of Poromiel. She worked closely with Xaden Riorson who smuggled weapons through her to aid the Poromish citizens… Continue reading


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