Reply To: New ACOTAR reader.

  • Kat

    March 3, 2024 at 9:22 am

    I finished reading the last book yesterday. Here are my thoughts. Some spoilers ahead!

    The quality of the books varies quite a bit. My ratings are: book 1 – 3 stars, books 2 & 3 – 5 stars, book 4 – 2 stars and the last one – 4 stars.

    I can understand those readers who never picked up the 2nd book of the series a little. The first one is not the greatest introduction to Feyre’s world and it lacks the capacity to captivate immediately (especially in comaprison to the Empyrean series). If you hang in there for books 2 and 3 you will be rewarded though as the story telling improves quite a bit.

    For the story – two worlds apart, clashing and colliding to transform into something beautiful. Works for me every time.

    What I strongly disliked : The story lines that have been told before. I mean come on … there was far too much Beauty and the Beast in the 1st book. The masks that disguise; the main female character taken away from her family to a king’s castle; the “king” having a beast form … and there were more similarities. Not to mention the poisoned apple to surpress Feyre’s abailities – some Snow White right there.

    What I loved: The chapter when Rhysand tells Feyre his side of the story from beginning to end. How he first dreamed of her, how he went looking for at tamlin’s court and all the unraveling that comes with his side of things so we get to experience the full picture. That was beautifully done.

    Feyre as a character – I agree with both of you on her character, especially in the 1st book. OMG … so spoilt and bratty. At times her behavior simply annoyed me. So ungrateful and angry in many ways ( and then later on there is Nesta … phhhew).

    The love interest – I was relieved that Tamlin wasn’t the one., too. My head painted an extremely attractive picture of Rhysand. He’s a captivating male figure. I’m not saying Xaden isn’t but to me they are to different, but yeah @Cory I am with you on that one! The “shadow daddy vibes” work very well for both characters. I don’t think comparing Xaden to Rhys is fair. I wouldn’t dare.

    When I read FW and IF my pulse was racing for most of the time. Always bracing myself for the thing to come and that notion continued throughout both books consistently. The storyline never dragged one bit. ACOTAR was more inconsistentin that regard and not as captivating. Nonetheless, it was a good read and I’d recommend the series to any of my friends.

    Next up is Throne of Glass.