Reply To: New ACOTAR reader.

  • Cory

    January 5, 2024 at 2:00 pm

    The beginning – You are so right, now that you said it, it is akin to the beginning of Hunger Games.

    Two worlds divided from each other – Again, really beautifully said!

    Love interest – We love a man’s opinion in the context of romantasy books! Haha, and you are right, right now, the whole fantasy community is divided between who’s better Xaden or Rhysand? That is the question indeed. Although I will like to throw in a spanner and say that Nyktos (from A Fire in the Flesh) needs to be considered too.

    I love it that you cannot pick between Rhysand and Xaden. I mean, Rhysand doesn’t really have any red flags. Xaden does. But I prefer Xaden because of his ultimate human form. Ugh, but then Rhysand looks more beautiful, the way I imagine him. SO HARD!

    Feyre as a character – Spoiled brat indeed. Although I also understand that she is a young woman who was hauled from her family. I get it, but she could have acted a touch more decent.

    Feyre after her resurrection – I agree again!

    So I feel like we like and dislike the same things about Acotar, actually. I find it so exciting to discuss fantasy books with someone, whether we agree or disagree!