Reply To: New ACOTAR reader.

  • Raphael_Fantasy_Writer

    January 5, 2024 at 12:33 pm

    What I loved most about the book where a few things:

    The beginning gave me the impression that this book would have a protagonist similar to Katniss everdeen (Hunger Games) with her hunting for food, living in poverty and needing to provide food and other facilities for people other than yourself. It made me feel like this protagonist would have stoicity and a strong heart. Also a person who craves solitude, like myself.

    Two worlds divided from each other – It gave me a Narnia vibe, a world of beauty hidden in a world of suffering. Especially with the given History between the human realm and Prythian I could tell there would be some politics involved, and possible a war and or revolution.

    Love interest (even though I am a man I do have an opinion on this) – I was glad to know that Tamlin wasn’t the one for Feyre. Rhysand is going to be fierce competition for Xaden Riorson. They both have “shadow daddy’ vibes, more or less the same look and apparently both have a pretty tragic backstory. And if you made me choose, I really couldn’t.

    Things that didn’t sit to well

    Feyre as a character. Like you said, aside from seeing it from her perspective, she was given immunity and behaved like a spoiled brat. She had everything she wanted and even her family was provided for (Pampered, to say the least.)

    Feyre after he resurrection – Sure, she had a traumatic experience, but I really felt like she could be a bit more grateful and not sulk around. She didn’t really have anything to be depressed about and it really distanced me from Feyre.