Reply To: Thoughts/theories about the end of Iron Flame… help lol

  • Cory

    January 9, 2024 at 5:51 pm

    I do think we will find a cure. But I think if we believe the idea that these characters are God like in any way, then chances are we need to keep Xaden venin. But we might be able to cure his soul.

    I want to know why do you think Bodhi? Because he can counter signets? And why Sloane? Because she is a siphon? Could you elaborate? This is really cool!!

    Your second theory won’t win you any friends haha. I think the whole Empyrean Series fan community is twisting and turning that Xaden turn. Adding Violet to this and Rebecca Yarros will have a riot at her front step, and I don’t mean dragons… Jokes aside, I do think two baddies loving each other is kinda cool.

    @silver_one I remember that. “no one has ever, no one has seen it”. But I think Lilith knew something more. That missive at the end is very old. very very old from Nolon. If we are to believe that medicine has progressed since much like real life, chances are…there might be a cure.