Reply To: Iron Flame theory – Violet and Xaden are related to Gods

  • Emily.Silver

    January 8, 2024 at 4:41 pm

    Cory, I came here because of this theory. This is why I opened an account to discuss this with you. First of all, it blew my mind. Just as I thought the series can’t get any better, I’m now even more obsessed. It feels a bit like children of the gods, right?

    Violet as being the daughter of Zeus, Rhy as being the daughter of Amari somehow and of course hot Xaden as being the son of Dunne. It all makes sense with Naolin too considering that Kaori sais “to resurrect someone, now that makes someone a God”. So then, Naolin is a God. And Tairn did break the connection himself, I see it now. I really see your theories, they are amazing.

    One question, any chance we can discover something about Garrick do you reckon?

    And based on your theory, do we think Violet’s second signet has to do with mending souls or shapeshifting then?