Reply To: What do you think will be Violet Sorrengail’s second signet?

  • Rhi

    January 5, 2024 at 6:02 pm

    I have no idea what her second signet, I’m really hoping she can use her signet to help Xaden recover from turning Venin.

    Corry, I’m so happy u posed this question, this is the second most important question that I have. I literally cant wait a full year to know the answer in the third book.

    The most important thing that I need answers to is what happens to our beloved Xaden?????

    Rebecca better not turn him into the vilian.

    (I have this theory where by the time the 5th book comes around, Rebecca will twist all our brains to hate Xaden and Violet will fall in love with Dain)


    Does Violet know what her second signet is yet? Does Xaden or anyone else know?