Reply To: Be honest…did you cry when Liam (you know)?

  • Rhi

    January 5, 2024 at 5:53 pm

    I was so sad when Liam died, also it was so heart wrenching that it was a slow death, but honestly, I did not cry because if he were not to die then the book would be so fake, like everyone dies left and right and somehow magically all the ppl. in the book that are important to Violet are heroes and they manage to keep escaping death? Like that would not be a reality (even in a fantasy book) like dude this is a war college and they do dangerous stuff so yeah. But I really really enjoy the way Rebbeca brought Liam back in Iron Flame, even if just for a bit, it shows Liam that we didn’t forget him and he still means a lot to us. But why doesn’t the author bring up his sculptures at all in iron flame? I hope she finds a way to bring that up in the third book . I also hope, for everyone’s sake that Liam did Runes in the sculptures….