Reply To: Do you still like Xaden?

  • Virg

    January 5, 2024 at 9:41 am

    Okay, so I decided to make that man my fictional husband throughout the book. Not only cause really hot stuff happened but also because he was loyal as hell to violet and accepted some choices of her, especially later on. I also liked how he basically acted around his second signet but the actual reveal scene was not my favourite because there he was trying to avoid it. The whole Cat thing wasn’t so big for me cause a) what could he really have done? and b) later on I decided I like her so that cleared up itself.

    Now to the ending: I’m torn. Before those last two chapters he was acting really good and all. I genuinely think it was the venin general’s plan to have him turn, maybe not with killing him but becoming a part of their army. Now we don’t know what that says for the future and prominently his relationship with Vi. Can they still be physical? Does she trust him this time? Does he like (a little, not leaving and running away cause he thinks he’s not good for her) distance himself for her own safety? But aside from all that, my biggest problem is why he did this in the first place and if he could’ve found another way. Other than that I’m wondering how the thing with Sgaeyl will go regarding what she said before he turned and how she was silent afterwards.

    I think I still like him cause hopefully his character stays the same and I trust him to have enough self control (he repeatedly said that only slips when it comes to Vi which worries me at the same time). I wish he stays on “the good side” but mainly with Vi and continues to be the character we got to know til now. Because I really developed a sincere fictional character obsession so that’s my hope

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