Reply To: Do you still like Xaden?

  • dmajnik

    January 3, 2024 at 2:41 pm

    that’s a good theory but wouldn’t that be very hard for feathertails since they are waaay smaller than wyvern? of course if you mean to kill wyvern, but as you said that they could kill venin, do you think that they would br able to kill them with their magic that thry have before they become adolescents? Hope you post the theory soon do I don’t bother you too much with this.

    but I really don’t know about Jack, like do you think he at the end will help the good side? or will he die/live on the bad side till his end?

    but for Cat yeah she is very thirsty for power so yeah I agree with you on this one, she will a 100% do everything to get the crown or just a lot of power.