Reply To: Do you still like Xaden?

  • Sarajean_xO

    January 3, 2024 at 10:44 am

    I know, I was so excited about it when I read it too and was thinking it makes so much sense until I saw that interview!

    I dunno, I read some theories about General Venin having something to do with Xadens Mam maybe? But I think it is a man so could be his Dad/Grandfather! Could explain why he said they were looking for him at the last battle rather than Violet? Or maybe they knew that he would be more likely to reach for the source to protect Violet than she would the other way around.

    I’m hoping/thinking it could be something like in the Hunger Games (I don’t like to compare the 2 but just came to mind) with Peeta where the Capital corrupt his mind against Katniss but in the end he can see through it and see what’s real but just has to question it sometimes which means him having to 100% trust what she says is real so feeds into to the trust thing between them. I think I’m just hoping this is it because then Xaden isn’t dying which I am not emotionally stable enough to handle!

    I see the red flags with him but I just think they come from a place of love and trying to protect her. Even with the 2nd signet, he knew if anyone finds out there’s a huge chance he would be killed which could kill Sgaeyl and then Tairn/Violet!

    Sorry, a bit of a brain dump there, none of my friends are readers so I’ve noone to talk to about it 🙈 I’m working on trying to get them into it!