Reply To: Reading Xaden POV at same time as original text! 😱😍🥰

  • Cory

    February 1, 2024 at 8:43 am

    I have! My favourite is:

    Violet: “And Tairn thinks you’ll play bodyguard.” I snort. “Little does he know just how much you dislike me.”

    Sgaeyl: “He knows exactly how much you dislike her and how often you stare-“


    “He knows exactly how much I value my own life,” Xaden retorts, glancing down my body.”

    There’s absolutely nothing to dislike about what I see. In fact, if Amari herself ever designed a woman with my downfall in mind.

    I loved it because wait…did Amari actually design a woman with Xaden’s downfall in mind? You know my stance. I think they are all Gods!