Reply To: Why are you in love with Xaden?

  • CadetPhillips

    January 23, 2024 at 9:51 am

    My cousin recommended it to me and I was intrigued at the HP x GOT x HG comparison + the fact she said it was the best fantasy series she’d read since HP and as a lover of books and owner of…*ahem* over 4000 HC books *cough* possibly more…🙈? I thought “Ok, challenge accepted.”

    I bought it in September but with work didn’t get to start it until I was waiting at the airport for 4hrs to travel to see my cousin on Boxing Day. I was so captivated by this stage I almost missed seeing her arrive in the pick up zone because I was reading and hanging off every word while holding my suitcase! 😅🤣

    Then on one of our lazy days I literally spent…14hrs? (Possibly more😅) reading the book straight and because I was up to right before the War Games when I was heading to the airport my cousin was like “ok here’s the digital version of the second book because you will not handle the flight and 2hr drive home at midnight if you finish the first book on the flight and cannot continue” and OH.MY.GOD she was right!!! Haha

    Now I’ve read both books twice in a matter of 3 weeks and I’ve got the itch to read them again (especially joining this group and talking quotes and theories! Haha)

    But I always thought Xaden had that sexy mystery to him from the beginning. There was a slight nervous energy about him at parapet for obvious reasons but for me? That subsided well before I think RY intended. He just had that edge that made him overbearingly intriguing and not at all terrifying haha