Reply To: Be honest – what did you think Violet’s signet would be?

  • CadetPhillips

    January 22, 2024 at 1:46 pm

    These are great points – but yes I saw the venin vs sorrengails as a battle.

    Another thing I’ve been interested in – remember when Xaden tells Violet about Cat’s mind work and says that one of her daggers has a rune that shields against it? I’ve been wondering if that rune or another dagger she carries could be a shield against melgren’s foresight? It probably sounds stupid because I think it has to be on the person to work? (Violet took all her daggers off when fighting Cat on the mat so “close by” does not make the rune daggers power work) so the moment she throws it in a battle he could see? I just was curious to know how many daggers Xaden had created to…counter/shield other people’s signets. Because I think so far they have only discussed two of them – the one that opened the door if there was need there and the one that wards off Cat.