Reply To: Do you write in British English or American English?

  • LyraW

    February 15, 2024 at 11:20 am

    This is interesting. I do both in my casual writing and poetry. As a visual artist I love colour, and there is something about the spelling in British English that appeals to me. So though I was born and raised in America, I tend to follow my heart there and unless autocorrect is involved, I use colour. I have also been writing online with a group of international writers in a sim group for 17 years and there have been over that period a lot of British writers in the group, so I have become familiar with seeing words spelled differently and so familiarity breeds use. So perhaps it is inconsistent affection, but I use both.

    Now I would not argue that British English has been around longer than American English, but there have also been languages in the British Isles that have been around longer than modern British English. Languages are a living thing, and are always evolving. I have Welsh blood on my father’s side, and believe you must know at least some or the sound and structure of a language to know intimately in any way, that culture. So I have taken an interest in that culture, myth, and language. While I have no one in Texas with whom to practice, I’m deep in a course in Welsh – Cymraeg – with Duolingo and having the time of my life. It’s wonderful and new and delightful to be able to ask my husband to “please get me a beer” in Welsh. I don’t even like beer, but it’s fun to be able to ask. But I have tried the German on my mother’s side….. dismal failure.

    So I do believe if one is writing with a British flair, and I speak particularly of writing fantasy that has a British flavor, that it’s simply fun to interject the British English. However, if I were writing for publication, I would be consistent and choose American because I am, after all, an American writer.

    Thanks for asking the question. Good thing to wake up to this morning. A positive and uplifting conversation. ~~ Lyra