Your WIP – the first sentence.

  • Your WIP – the first sentence.

    Posted by Raphael_Fantasy_Writer on February 6, 2024 at 12:56 pm

    Like me, if you did some basic research for your novel, you know that a gripping first sentence is a make or break if you want to hook the reader.

    If you want of course, share the first five or so lines of your novel. Me, and others, can in turn give feedback and if needed you can improve it and become a better writer as well!!

    Since I asked to share your’s here’s mine:

    All eyes looked my way as I made my way down the hall. In all my years I’ve been at this place, I was always ignored. The outsider. The loser. No one ever talked to me or about me, as far as I can remember at least. It suited me fine, after I got used to it.

    Now I have to get accustomed to something different entirely:

    Being the centre of attention.

    Feel free to start your own discussion or ask questions if you have any. As an amateur writer I cannot guarantee I will have then answer, but I’ve come a long way and I’m sure we can help each other to some degree.

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