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    Your Main Villain.

    What connection does your main villain have to your MC? Do you even have a Villain? (then the antagonist could be the protagonist himself perhaps) are there just one or many?

    Is he revealed in the beginning or only later in the book?

    Why does he/she hate the MC?

    What is their motivation? Pure hate? Revenge?

    Mine is a bit complicated so…I hope you can follow.

    My MV is a fallen God, Zor, who was betrayed by his fellow immortals and stripped of his power and banished to the earth with barely a scrap of his power. Then, a group of elite magical wielders had him contained, chain to the very foundations of the earth. Little did they know he was set up by the Gods, and a cunning Dragon who worked with the Gods and gave those magical wielders their power, to contain him and teach him a lesson.

    What did he do, you ask?

    He fell in love with a mortal and hid the fact he had a child with her.

    And when they killed his wife, that was the reason he went on his rampage and destroyed a whole continent before he was stopped.

    And to rub salt in an open wound, they named his son, Zorvag his successor as the God of Magic and turned him against his own father.

    So, you can imagine the hate he has for the Gods and the Dragon.

    Now, fast forwards seven hundred years or so.

    Azrael, my MC, is a direct descendant of the Dragon. His mother was a daughter of a different dragon. Unlike his mother, who is half dragon half human and is called a Valkyrie, Azrael is three quarters dragon and only a quarter human.

    Zor, the fallen God, had been biding his time and has found a way to speak to the beast of the forest around the school, which is also the reason there have been more attacks at the borders lately. (like Basgaith War College but no dragons) in the hope to free himself and extract revenge on the only person he can: Azrael, direct descendant of the Dragon who ruined his life.

    I hope you can follow.

    For those who are busy with their own Manuscript, Happy Writing.

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