Reply To: Observations and Questions in the Empyrean World – moved from the feed

  • Foxguardian13

    February 18, 2024 at 11:02 pm

    Yes, I just Dain is young and in many ways inexperienced. I mean, it’s his father, if he has a good relationship with his parents, why wouldn’t he trust in his father? I’ll have to go back read that section about Cath’s breath, I don’t remember it but I know Solas did have terrible breath (rotten?) and I don’t recall if Baide did, but her eyes were some weird clouded color, seemingly not in control. I have this guess that there is a way to reverse it having to do with balance and if a signet develops in accordance with a person’s personality and need, is it possible Vi will develop it (something that hasn’t been seen in many centuries that was never publicly recorded but hidden in some secret historical journal – perhaps why it was thought the venin disappeared 6 centuries before or perhaps sometimes a signet unheard of can develop according to need and changes in the world) and perhaps it will complement her lightning signet. Perhaps a mixture of her lightning with some kind of ‘mending’ or ‘healing’ ability?

    I am always going to miss Liam 🙁