Reply To: Observations and Questions in the Empyrean World – moved from the feed

  • thewingleader

    February 18, 2024 at 1:00 pm

    Very intriguing theories! I really do hope cath is the infected one because something is up there with caths breath beingva bad sign… I feel like I am a rare one who forgives Dain (I mean as Rabecca Y says it, he is like a 21-22 year old who is seeing his best friend choose someone else and how would he know not to trust his own father? Anyway… i do miss liam sooo much too ok 😭)… so it would make sense if a dragon can also use this corrupt form of power and turn venin, while dain remains on violet and the revolutions side.

    Also Jack definitely either lied or is just ignorant and truly didn’t know but there has to be a way to reverse or cure it 😫💔