Reply To: Observations and Questions in the Empyrean World – moved from the feed

  • CadetPhillips

    February 17, 2024 at 12:17 pm

    I love your thoughts and ideas! Thanks so much for sharing! 🤗💕

    1) interesting theory…while it may have been an order? Remember every battle Violet one had more than 3 marked ones at it – so he couldn’t see the outcome. But there are theories around Andarna and how she “knew” to hatch at this time because Violet would be at the quadrant – this does make me wonder how many dragons have foresight! So maybe Melgrens dragon Codagh (being the most powerful on the continent) told him?

    2) – I answered this one already on your earlier post 😘 I am wondering if it’s possible for dragons to unnaturally take magic from the land though? Is it possible that Dain’s dragon is “bad” but he himself is alright?

    3) yes I’m hoping we find out more about the secrets hidden from the archives in the next books!

    4) Well I’ve been wondering about whether the dreams about the Sage were Violets or Xadens. When Xaden said he was a little busy during the Athebyne battle, and told Violet if he left the civilians would die – was he fighting the Sage then? Did the Sage say something to him them that prompted the dreams and for him to think the Sage was after him? And then there’s the dagger like you mentioned. Could the “infection” have created an unintentional connection between Violet and the Sage? Was she the one having the dreams because of the poison that was transferred to her? Did the poison somehow connect to the power she channels and form a magic connection between Violet and venin?

    5) mmm…jack is as new to the quadrant as Violet – I think he probably doesn’t know (I’m sure venin have a hierarchy for classified info like Navarre). I’m more interested to know if Nolan and Aetos (as Lilith aid) are dirty and have been tainting or falsifying the evidence/experiments to cure Venin giving Lilith false reports about no cure.