Reply To: What if the Fourth Wing came to our world?

  • Ashe_Hawthorne

    February 6, 2024 at 3:11 pm

    1- they’d have to figure out how to find each other if they get separated while traveling here, and that they must stay calm.

    2- they’d have to figure out how a phone works and that dragons aren’t exactly “normal” here.

    3. Is there anything in our world you WOULD NEVER tell them about? (Eg…they’re fictional characters in a book here? Might ahhh….not be taken well? )

    3- some things would be that they came from a book, that they are super famous and that everyone has the hots for them.

    4. Are there any “must do” bucket list type experiences you think they should have while here? (It could be anything from trying a food, listening to a type of music that doesn’t exist in Navarre to bungie jumping off a parapet haha)

    4- listening to spotify music, burgers, (specifically for Violet) Go to Barns & Nobel and spend hours there. (specifically for Xaden) go to the bakery fro some chocolate cake.