Reply To: If they die, I’m done

  • Rhi

    February 2, 2024 at 4:07 pm

    Obviously Xaden or Violet. But no author kills the main characters in the book (especially not in the third book of a 5 part series). So I’m not worried about them yet. Sawyer and Ridoc I’m not very attached to. Jesinia and Aaric and Dain I would definitely care a lot, but I think I can stay composed if G-d forbid that happens. I think the worst would be Rhiannon Mathias. I would be absolutely devastated (Like I’m taking off a week of work to figure out my life type)!!! Also, I would find it hard if any more members of Violets family dies, cuz they’re already parentless, and they have such close relationships with each other.