Reply To: Tairn or Andarna?

  • CadetPhillips

    January 30, 2024 at 3:58 am

    Oh my your question is tearing my soul in two! 😱😢Haha. I must admit the fact that Tairn said to Violet not to bring up the previous rider again I found a little weird — because others speak of how their bonded also bonded relatives of theirs. So it does make me wonder if there’s a thing there with Naolin BUT I feel like Tairn’s loyalty is with Violet 110%. – I mean….how many times has he caught her when she falls? 😅

    I hope neither of them go. I hope that with everything Violet went through that she doesn’t lose those she cares about. Same with Xaden – they’ve suffered so much loss already and they’re only in their twenties.

    But I imagine if RY is going to do it? It’ll be Tairn because I can’t imagine her killing of the first 7th Den dragon in 650 years….or it’ll be Sgaeyl and then…by domino effect Tairn also.

    But I do NOT welcome this theory 😅🤣haha Liam was hard enough…and reading Sawyer’s battle the first time had me going through moments of extreme anxiety! I can’t imagine if anything happened to any other main characters including dragons.