Reply To: Tairn or Andarna?

  • thewingleader

    January 29, 2024 at 12:26 pm

    Such an impossible question with logic behind it. Of course I LOVE tairn and his cumudgeonness but andara had to stay around to become head of her den! Plus with Xaden as venin he can survive Sgaeyl dying if tairn dies right? Jack survived after killing baide 🙁 my heart…

    That being said, my personal favorite theory is violet has 2 dragons so Naolin can still be alive. On pg 179 of fourth wing in the little excepert before the chapter starts is say from Kaori’s field guide to dragonkind “…I have not been able to discern at what point a dragon decided to bond only one rider, rather than go for the better odds with two.” Showing that it is possible, at least theoretically, for a dragon to be bonded with 2 riders. Maybe naolin turned venin from resurrecting brennen (he succeeded didn’t he?!) But is similar to xaden in that he didn’t actually want to be like a venin so he’s in hiding somehow? Or maybe he did turn evil, who knows. But either way, I like to think they’ll find a ‘cure’ for xaden and then in turn naolin will fly with tairn and violet WILL be able to fly with andarna because despite her wing she is a boss. (Sidebar, I like to think that the cure for venin-ness has to do with something about souls and sharing souls. Maybe Lilith became venin while pregnant with violet but somehow shared her baby’s soul and it healed Lilith but that is why violets hair is all silvery, because it was drained to heal her mom?