Reply To: Evil Laugh: Xaden or Liam?

  • CadetPhillips

    January 24, 2024 at 12:51 pm

    I was thinking about this from a different point of view than you all – from the impact of the “foster brothers fall”. I watched an interview with RY where she said Liam…it had to happen and as absolutely gutted as I am and end up in the foetal position wailing everytime I read it…I agree with her.

    Violet hated Xaden at the beginning and even when she was attracted she was still dragging him through the mud in her head “beautiful.fucking.asshole” and “I’m not attracted to toxic men” while also so deliciously giving him the finger in public in class, etc.

    Now – imagine he’s not the main guy – he’s the one that falls in Athebyne. Would this mysterious, ruthless guy who was basically loathed by Violet (and that wouldn’t have been dissolved by sexual contact) death have had the same impact on her to develop her character through her suppressed rage and determination to push her to do everything in her power to make his death mean something?

    I love them both and I don’t think I’ve ever mourned a book character more in my life than Liam…but I choose Xaden – not because Liam is any less worthy of the main role but because his role beyond the grave is SO important to the development of so many characters. I mean he is the ONLY character whose name was toasted breaking Codex by his entire squad and is also the only character who continues to be talked about after his death by his squad.