Reply To: Favourite Tairn quote

  • CadetPhillips

    January 23, 2024 at 9:35 am

    Ok so “Should I get the wing leader?” Is definitely one of his best lines as a stand alone quote.

    And also what makes me tear up a little everytime I read it is when Violet asks “why did you choose me?” And Tairn says “Because you saved her.”

    But I think what I absolutely LOVE about Tairn (and Andarna) is the quotable banter. I honestly can’t imagine any other riders having that type of sarcastic, sassy banter with their dragons: 1. Because they believe in themselves and volunteered for the quadrant where violet was forced and has been second guessing herself since day one. And 2. I feel like because of the way she’s been treated her whole life, Violet does a lot of internal passive aggressive stuff at the beginning as opposed to saying it out aloud to the people she’s at odds with on various topics so that’s the initial character that Tairn bonds with and gets to know so I feel like their bond is founded on that.

    For example:

    Violet -*Tairn dips his shoulder and makes his leg into a ramp for me. Defeat just about swallows me whole. I’ve bonded the biggest – and certainly grumpiest – dragon in the quadrant, and yet he has to make accommodations for me.*

    Tairn They’re accommodations for me. I’ve seen your memories. I’m not about to have you sticking daggers in my leg to climb up. Now let’s go.

    Some banter I love and I hope you love reading it and laugh along as much as I did while reading the books 😍🤣:

    Violet – …and Tairn insists on making everything harder than what Kaori is doing

    TairnFor your own good

    VioletAre you always around?

    TairnYes. Get use to it

    Violet – *I fight the urge to growl at the intrusive, overbearing -*

    Tairn…still here.

    VioletI never get to see her…I’m always stuck with your grumpy ass

    AndarnaI’m always here

    TairnThis grumpy ass just caught you a dozen times, Silver One

    VioletEventually you could call me Violet, you know

    TairnI know…and I could call you Violence like the wing leader

    VioletYou wouldn’t dare. And you know how much that ass annoys me.

    TairnAnnoys you? Is that what you call it when your heart rate–

    VioletDon’t even start with me.

    VioletGet him out of my head

    TairnYou’ll get use to it

    Violet – Is this normal with all mated pairs and their riders?

    Tairn – For some. It’s a great advantage in a battle

    Violet – Well, it’s a pain in my ass right now.

    Tairn – Then shield him out the same way you do me – or start talking back. You have the power to be a pain in the ass, too. Trust me

    Violet – I can’t believe you allowed someone up here to secure the bags. I’m impressed with your restraint.

    Tairn – The section leader attached the bags to the saddle before I put it on, naturally

    Violet – And here I was thinking you’d evolved.

    Violet – I’ll tell you if my punishment includes death or inconvenience

    Tairn – I will already know, as I am continuously with you. Forced to bear witness to the awkwardness that is twenty-one year old humans.

    Andarna – Can you carry a luminary?

    Tairn – That question insults me.

    Andarna – Can you carry a luminary while insulted?

    Violet*Death would be preferable to the embarrassment that accompanies that revelation*

    Tairn – I could torch him if you would like. But you do seem attached.