Reply To: Kiss, Marry, Kill – part two – Friends edition

  • NoSk1llz

    January 15, 2024 at 5:08 pm

    Dear (it isnt the rest of the community now, its just “Cory” innit?)

    After taking a closer look at my nonexistant facts (and throwing them out the window in favor of actual logic) i have decided that the theory of Xaden dying makes more sense. (Mostly because i havent read her other books and therefor i am quite uneducated on this subject and because it’d most likely result in a better story, dead protagonists are usually fun though).

    If we continue to the part of a happy ending i kinda wish he stays dead. Ive explained multiple times how i think that hes a pretty boring character, hes basically just a pretty face whos there for the story to have emotion and for Violet to have a personality that is more than just books. The first 40% of Fourth Wing was really good because he was such a good side-villain of sorts, kind of an extra thing to be scared of other than Jack. And then Yarros removed him from the one thing he exelled at and put him in a spot were he was nothing but decent. There, rant over.

    (This next part ia fully unnecessary, i was just bored and tried to find something more to write about).

    As for your problem with the emails, the only reliavance i can offer is the promise that i wont send emails to you. Reason number one is that i cant be botherd to find your email address and reason number two is that id rather wait and see what book three, four and five have in store for our favourite (probably) characters.

    I once again wish you a day better than mine.

    Sincerely, a dumber one than last time (still the same one thought (I think)).

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