Reply To: Favourite Xaden quote

  • thewingleader

    January 13, 2024 at 10:43 pm

    I LOVE all that have been shared but I just want to add a few more

    – “Brilliant fucking women” Just the end chapter from Xaden’s perspective in Fourth wing… chef’s kiss to how much he love’s his Violence

    -“Well-the-fuck-aware” The first time his control completely slips & ‘evaporates’ around Violet after threshing when she says she would put herself in danger again to protect Andarna if she needed to

    -“Dain Fucking Aetos has his mouth on my Violence. Not mine.” I just read the xaden pov chapters in the special edition that got released and oh my, it is helping my soul while we wait for book 3

    also no Xaden’s quote but honorable mention, When Tairn said “should I get the wing leader?” when Violet was trying to wield lightning for her professor was a highlight quote for me