Reply To: SPOILER ALERT – Do you agree with what Xaden did at the end of Iron Flame?

  • Emily.Silver

    January 8, 2024 at 4:28 pm

    NO. Ok, fine, yes. Anything for love. I just read Cory’s theory about the Gods and now I totally see why the author turned Xaden into venin.

    Do I love him for it? No. But the way I see it:

    1) He could have accepted his death. But that doesn’t mean Violet would have been saved. The venin general could have killed her just as well.

    2) He turns because venin general tells him that otherwise she dies. Fine. This way, he sacrifices himself and kills venin general (bottom of ravine, come on, we all know that guy ain’t dead!) and saves Violet in the process. Like he sees the job done.

    I’m quick to judge but I think Xaden did the right thing.