Reply To: Xaden Riorson, the master of Shadows, or Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court?

  • Cory

    January 8, 2024 at 9:43 am

    This is really HARD.

    Based on looks alone, the way I imagine Xaden, far superior. He’s got that bad boy attitude with his shadows and moods and leathers. He is hot through and through.
    But this man has so many red flags, it’s unreal.

    Rhys is lovely. He is kind and honest. But maybe it’s the age, or the fact that he can turn into a very large bat, that doesn’t appeal to me as much. Again, personality wise, I feel maybe he is better. Green flags 🙂

    But probably because of my age, I would still prefer Xaden. Having said all that, I am team Daddy Nyktos haha.