Kiss, Marry, Kill – part two – Friends edition

  • Cory

    January 11, 2024 at 11:09 am

    This is terrible of you, ok? If any of them die, I swear to Dunne I will go to Malek myself and retrieve them.

    But let’s go. Let’s be controversial.

    Kiss Sawyer. He’s so cute with his freckles.

    Kill Ridoc. I don’t want him to die at all.

    Marry Rhi. Because she’s badass!

    Although if we were to play by Rebecca Yarros’ rules, then we need to kill Sawyer now that he is a little weaker. Technically, he is a liability to the squad. But there’s no way in hell I want him dead. Nor do I want to kiss Ridoc weirdly enough.

    • Cory

      January 11, 2024 at 11:10 am

      @Melinda this one is for you! haha good luck

  • Emily.Silver

    January 11, 2024 at 11:13 am

    @Cory nope! I’m not with you on this sorry

    Kiss Rhi

    Marry Ridoc

    Kill Sawyer

    Sorry Sawyer.

    • Raphael_Fantasy_Writer

      January 11, 2024 at 11:37 am

      This is the best one for sure. Also feel bad for Sawyer but do agree that he will be a liability with his missing leg.

    • Morgan

      January 12, 2024 at 2:41 am

      Yesssss I have the same answer

      • Cory

        January 15, 2024 at 8:42 am

        Bye bye Sawyer. I mean, listen, the dragons took a couple of years to pick him in the end, so…

  • NoSk1llz

    January 11, 2024 at 3:20 pm

    Does Xaden count as a friend or an enemy now that hes gone all evilthing of death? If friend id say:

    Kill Xaden, i liked him as a sidevillain in the first 40% of Fourth Wing, he was good there. As a friend/lover, not so much, constant lying/keeping the truth for himself and a bit boring if i say so myself. (I also dont think his shadowy, edgelord theme, paired with bloodshot eyes is that hot).

    Kiss Ridoc, second best character of the series due to humor and not being very serious.

    Marry Rhi, due to her beingbest character of the series for being a better version of Ridoc (and im a guy) and having actual comedy but still manage to be serious in important situations.

    (Im about to get blasted for thinking that nither Violet and Xaden are that good characters arent i?).

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    • Morgan

      January 12, 2024 at 2:42 am

      Yeah you’re coming to get blasted for sure, I’m also blasting you

    • Cory

      January 15, 2024 at 8:40 am

      Dear NoSk1llz,

      This is an open letter on behalf of the community to respectfully disagree with you. 😅

      This is a safe space to share your opinion, and we value you here haha

      But we kindly ask you to refrain from killing our shadow book husband, even in your wildest fantasy, or you’ll find us coming for you with our pitchforks.

      We thank you for your understanding.

      We wish you a nice and peaceful day.

      The whole Empyrean Series fan group.

      • NoSk1llz

        January 15, 2024 at 2:14 pm

        Dear The-rest-of-this-community (thats your name now btw)

        Due to my free will and the fact that none of you know were i live (hopefully) i’ll take my chances and kindly ask to agree to disagree (at least about Xaden, Violet is growing on me as i am re-reading the series).

        As for the killing of Xaden i think im justified by the fact that most of your theories on how to cure him of his bloody eyes, do in fact, require him to die.

        My theories are, in fact, a lot more peaceful (and a lot lamer tbh) and revolves around the fact that the red-eye-people takes/steals power. Using that knowlege and years upon years of research on a number of fantasy books to great for imagination, my, noproffecional theory is that he will have to give a lot of his power to the source.

        Thank you for your understanding.

        I wish you all a day better than mine.

        Sincerely, A dumb kid

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        • Cory

          January 15, 2024 at 4:34 pm

          Can we please talk like this from now onwards because I’m living for it!

          You are right thought, we do need to kill him. I’m certain of it too. Violet will be the death of him. Rebecca Yarros is spelling it out for us. Will we revive him? Not so sure you know. I want to give everyone peace (you have no idea the number of emails I get every single day asking me if I think they will be end game). Obviously, I wish I knew, but the author does have a track record of killing her protagonists and making people cry.

          So…will we get Xaden back? That is the question of the decade. He will die, no question about that. But will we get our happy ending?

          • NoSk1llz

            January 15, 2024 at 5:08 pm

            Dear (it isnt the rest of the community now, its just “Cory” innit?)

            After taking a closer look at my nonexistant facts (and throwing them out the window in favor of actual logic) i have decided that the theory of Xaden dying makes more sense. (Mostly because i havent read her other books and therefor i am quite uneducated on this subject and because it’d most likely result in a better story, dead protagonists are usually fun though).

            If we continue to the part of a happy ending i kinda wish he stays dead. Ive explained multiple times how i think that hes a pretty boring character, hes basically just a pretty face whos there for the story to have emotion and for Violet to have a personality that is more than just books. The first 40% of Fourth Wing was really good because he was such a good side-villain of sorts, kind of an extra thing to be scared of other than Jack. And then Yarros removed him from the one thing he exelled at and put him in a spot were he was nothing but decent. There, rant over.

            (This next part ia fully unnecessary, i was just bored and tried to find something more to write about).

            As for your problem with the emails, the only reliavance i can offer is the promise that i wont send emails to you. Reason number one is that i cant be botherd to find your email address and reason number two is that id rather wait and see what book three, four and five have in store for our favourite (probably) characters.

            I once again wish you a day better than mine.

            Sincerely, a dumber one than last time (still the same one thought (I think)).

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  • Mrs.Riorson

    March 23, 2024 at 6:16 am

    kiss rhi

    marry ridoc

    kill sawyer

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